Friday, May 30, 2008


I SCORED a Gocco at the auction Tuesday night! I couldn't believe I got it so cheap. It's a never-used B6, complete with a cloth stamp kit.
And I got it all for
I know--you all hate me.

But seriously, now I'm scared to use it, because it only comes with enough screens and bulbs to make 5 masters and what if I screw something up? Replacements are so expensive!
So I'm going patiently through my sketchbooks, trying to come up with the perfect image to make prints of. I think I'm going to do mostly prints of line drawings that I can go over with watercolor or other media. When I get some images together, maybe I'll post them here and let you guys vote on your faves. It'll be a collaborative effort!

I've never been much of a printmaker, I have no patience, but I've wanted a Gocco forever and I'm so glad to finally have one! There's no way I could have justified spending $150 on one, so I'm just so excited I got so lucky!


nuvonova said...

Oh wow, that's cheap! I can't wait to see the options, but yes the line drawings do seem to be the best option!

dubuhdudesigns said...

Thats so cool! I know what you mean about being afraid to use it though. I just bought an old polaroid (for up close shots) and the film which is no longer being made. I'm afraid that I'll use up the 20 exposures just trying to figure out how to work everything properly. I guess we should just jump in the water an first though..hehe

Nice to see some painting action happening at your house.

My said...

Wow...I gotta score one of these. That was such a steal. Create create create...

Kacey said...

DUDE. I am so jealous.