Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auction Finds

I don't know if they really count as finds, since I work there and see these items all week long. But when you get fabulous things for cheap--it's just too awesome to not share. Look what I got!

This is a really cool oil painting--I'm going to see if I can look up the artist. Bob Yunan? Yuinan? Even if it's just a nothing painting, I totally dig it. It's about 16x20, and it was only ten bucks! Score!

And these are just little floral prints, but they're so cheerful and bright! They cost more than I really wanted to spend (12.50 for the pair), but I wasn't gonna let that other person get them! I'm trying to decide where to put them. Maybe the kitchen. Maybe the bathroom. Maybe the guest room. Hmmm. I love small art!

So that's it. Big night, huh? The auction was actually over at 10:30, so not as late as we usually go, but my legs are still tired.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Omaha Road Trip

We had ourselves a 42 hour vacation and spent that brief time in Omaha. Neither Ricky nor I had ever been and since it's only three hours away, well, there you go. Everyone told us we had to visit the zoo, so we planned that for Saturday. Other than that, we just wanted to walk around downtown and the Old Market and do some record shopping. The town is okay, a lot like Kansas City architecturally, with some wonderful old buildings. And the zoo was really great. I don't know if we'll go back, though--I think we saw everything we'd be interested in this weekend.
There's a lot more photos at my Flickr, should you care to view them.

Downtown (Ricky and Esther are on those steps across the water)

Hotel room

Our hotel's courtyard

Geodesic Dome!

It was a long day at the zoo

I love the sea dragon

Pretty garden in the zoo, full of plants and fountains, and birds...

The weather was absolutely fantastic the whole time we were there, and we found a place that sells "retro" candy and they had Walnettos! They're just so good.
We found some records and ate a lot of pasta and grilled cheese. (There are a lot of steakhouses in Omaha.)

Another ACEO Onslaught

Here's some more pen and ink and watercolor ACEO's from the last couple of weeks:

The Snow Princess

A Golden Voice

Bettie's a Star

But the Earring was Gone

Collette and the Green Wall

Siren's Evening Song

These were up in my Etsy shop and have sold, except for "Earring".

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lawrence Roadtrip

It's been so hot and humid here the last few days! We're all going a bit stir-crazy from being indoors, so we decided to drive to Lawrence this afternoon and hit Love Garden and La Parilla and the other fun stuff on Mass St.

I've always liked this silo--I admire it every time we drive past. Wow--written down, that sounds a bit odd.

Love Garden is upstairs, and the door is always closed to keep the kitties from escaping.

Ahhhh. The smell of records. It's so soothing...

She's already bored. And getting whiny. Ricky's flipping through the 7 inches, which doesn't capture her interest at all.

One of the shop kitties! Very very sweet.

This was my find--awesome reissue of Brasilian late 60's/early 70's funky pop with lots of horns and organ. D'Angelo!

We had lunch at La Parilla and I discovered a FABULOUS FABULOUS fabric store (which I'm sure has been there forever and this is just the first time Ricky humored me and let me go in). Sarah's Fabrics! They've got some of the most unusual colors and patterns (I think it's geared toward quilters, almost all cotton). But it's like Repro Depot times 1000. And there's a cool new teeny art gallery opened up in the basement of the Casbah market, which in itself is a great little grocery.
I wish there were things like this within walking distance of our house. That's my only complaint about our neighborhood--people are too scared to open coffee shops and groceries. Things are getting better, but it's still pretty sketchy. We heard a volley of gunshots night before last, and while that's not unusual, these sounded awfully close.
But it was a fun day, and due to the fact that we had a bunch of records to trade, it was nearly free!