Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Prints!

I just received the latest batch of prints and I think they've turned out fabulously. Allow me to introduce ( from top left clockwise):

1. "She Smiled 'Til She Thought Her Face Would Crack"
2. "Maneki Neko"
3. "La Mode Nouvelle"
4. "It Was as if, Very Faintly, She Could Hear the Sea"

And my first set of mermaid prints! I had a hard time narrowing it down to four. Here are:

1. "Oh His Bones are Coral Made"
2. "Irina"
3. "Sea Dreams"
4. "Lillian"
These will be offered up at my Etsy shop on Friday, January 23rd at 2 pm central time. I'll have more original watercolor ACEO's, a couple of miniature landscapes, and an original oil ACEO also.
Hope to see you then!

PS The weather today is supposed to be lovely--almost 60 degrees! Of course, I'll be at work in the warehouse, so I don't actually get to go out and enjoy the sunshine, but I'll be thinking warmer, anyway. Have a happy Thursday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some New Paintings in Progress

And one new ACEO for my next shop update, Friday, January 23rd at 2pm central time.

"Valerie" oil on illustration board, 2.5 x 3.5 inches

And here's some pieces I've been working on recently. This first one is a really rough underpainting. It's got a loooong way to go. But I like to see other painters' methods and progression, so here's mine.

I'm not sure where this one's going. Still a very much unfinished painting.

This one I started last month and picked up again today. I really like how she's turning out--I wish the photos captured it better. I'll have to shoot it with film--my dumb digital does awful things to tone, values, and colors. I wish the digital SLR's weren't so ridiculously expensive.

And I've just discovered the author Jeffrey Ford--I found a book of his short stories, "The Empire of Ice Cream" at the library and I'm afraid I'm hooked. He's considered to be a science fiction and fantasy writer, but don't dismiss him based on that. His stories are surreal and dreamlike, but not sweet and pretty. They're chock full of amazing imagery and make me want to paint. I need to find more of his books!

And I'm waiting on tenterhooks for "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" to come out on video.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Etsy Shop Update!

Well, another year has come and gone. But I don't mind so much--I'm so full of hope and optimism for 2009!
Christmas was fun, but it's nice to be done traveling for a while. I'm so glad Ricky and I got to hang with our families over the holidays--we got to see just about everybody. There's far too many photos to post here of our California and Texas trips, but trust me, you'll get the full effect on my Flickr. I'm STILL posting photos from the week in Texas. (I love my camera!)

I'm updating my Etsy shop this Friday, the 9th (That's my friend Laura's birthday, just so you know!). I'm having 4 new aceo prints made up:

And I just finished my first painting of 2009 last night! (To be honest I started it months ago, but I *finished* it last night, so it still counts, right?)
It's called "The Faded Green Light" and it's oil on illustration board, 4x6 inches. It'll be part of the shop update. I like the almost-smirk on her face.

Of course, I'm still working on original watercolor aceo's for Friday and who knows if I have time to come up with anything else. Things will be picking up at the auction house again (I was working there this morning, as a matter of fact), so it's back to the old routine! Hope I see you Friday!