Thursday, April 30, 2009

Win One of My Paintings!

This is pretty cool:
The owner of the Blue Gallery, Kelly Kuhn, is a guest blogger at The Katillac Shack. Kelly's latest post is offering up a chance to win one of two new pieces from the gallery--one is a new oil painting from me entitled "Tant Pis", the other is a mixed media piece by R. Sawan White. All you have to do is comment on her post and you're entered into the drawing. The winner gets to choose which piece they want! (You'll pick mine, right? RIGHT?!)
Here's that link again:
Kelly's post

I'm just tickled that she chose one of mine to put in! Also, there's a shot of my painting "Come Back, Come Back: You're Out Too Far" hanging in Kelly's loft.

Speaking of paintings, I'm super behind on posting photos of new pieces. I shall remedy that, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is Under My Skin and I am Neglectful as a Result

So Spring has finally decided to stick around here in Kansas City. The weather has jumped from the 50's to the 80's in just a few days. Arrrgh!!! I'm already running out of time to get green and growing things into the ground!!

Anyhoo, I'm focusing on the gnarly yucky side bed this season. When we moved here three (almost four!) years ago, it was overrun with virginia creeper, scrawny spindly rose of sharon, vinca, and basically a ton of other weedy, unhappy, ugly plants. Plus a bunch of broken glass and big chunks of concrete and trash.
It gets weird light (mostly shaded by our neighbor's house to the south, but full sun the rest of the day) and the soil was a mess. After one season I gave up trying to do things the natural way and basically just sprayed everything with Roundup. Now two seasons later, the soil is amended and ready to transform. This fall I planted five Sike's dwarf hyndrangeas along the foundation, and in the last few weeks have begun planting bronze, purple, and amber huecheras and bronze and black ajuga in front of them. They're all sturdy, reliable plants that have done really well in other weird light areas in my garden, so I hope they do okay here.

I've put in some more plants since these photos were taken and the hydrangeas have really started to leaf out in a big way.

Spread, ajuga, spread!!

My tulips are beginning to fade and look sad, but these pics are from a few weeks ago when things were young and happy. I have quite a few bare spots in the beds where the bulbs either got eaten or refused to grow. I don't know that I'll be ordering any bulbs from catalogs this year--last year about half the tulip bulbs I planted came from catalogs, and almost 2/3 of those haven't come up. I guess you get what you pay for.

I love species tulips--they just keep coming back. Yay! But I do like the fancy ones, too. Tulips are awesome.

And I've got new paintings I need to post here! Maybe this weekend...