Monday, May 25, 2009

Memory Lane (House Style)

So here's a little refresher for those of you who weren't on our house-hunting journey in '05. Our house was only the second we looked at, but we were familiar with the neighborhood and this block in particular (our block is fabulous--so many great neighbors) and the price had just dropped and was VERY reasonable. If you want to know the price, I'll tell you, but it might make you want to move to KC. But we had some work in front of us:

*this is the house as we viewed it for the first time--this isn't our furniture or anything. Just in case y'all were wondering :)

Look how little Esther was!

I seriously forgot how bad the yard was. Scary.

Next time: some after photos.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting and Stuff, but Not the Artsy Kind

I've decided that we've lived in this house long enough, and dammit, the living room and dining room MUST BE PAINTED. I'm tired of the musty gross paint job we inherited when we bought this place. The interior was originally painted insane colors.
Wait, let me stress that: INSANE COLORS.
I guess after the house had been on the market for a matter of months, the sellers decided to paint over the insane downstairs colors and paint the trim dark poop brown and "leftover white paint surprise" on the walls. It's a sad greyish, puttyish sort of color that the paint manufacturer never intended, I'm sure.

So it's been almost four (FOUR!) years and I'm tired of not dealing with it. So it's getting done, sooner rather than later. Mostly because we're expecting a baby in November. SURPRISE!!!

(Yeah, it was a BIG surprise, considering we were only gonna have one kidlet. The universe likes to be funny). But it's all good, I feel great, we find out the baby's sex next month, and we're all excited.

Okay, now that's out of the way.

So yeah, we need to paint and here's a little preview of the awesome split-pea-soup-baby-barf green I found. It's exactly what I wanted and I'm gonna write Behr and tell them they should change the name to the one I coined. Hell, that's what Martha Stewart would do.

Isn't it purty? Don't you wanna just lick the walls? Hahaha, kidding, kidding.
Also, the trim is going to be the same pale pale cream color that's on the dining room trim. The dining room is going to be a warmer, slightly darker cream than the trim. It's such a sunny, wonderful room--it needs a light, reflective color. Especially in the winter.

Things are growing like crazy in the garden: the tulips and irises are long gone, and the peonies and roses are in full swing. Tomatoes and eggplants are blooming, the lettuce is almost done, and I still need to plant the green beans. I'll post some pics of all that soon. It's been a busy spring.

Hope you guys are all doing well!