Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pillows and Other Stuff

I finished the pillows for the rocker last week and Ricky did some clever Ricky-esque modifications to the rocker's back to make it more upright. It's great for reclining as it was, but I needed a straighter back for nursing and such. Plus it can be returned to its original state with no trouble at all! He's got this knack for finding brilliantly simple solutions to things; solutions that would never have occurred to me. Mine tend to be much more elaborate and unnecessarily complicated.

Ricky built some new work tables for his shop and Esther helped paint them. Ricky was honestly surprised, I think, that her help was actually helpful and really sped up the painting process. She's an awesome kid. And she's a total daddy's girl.

We had our 8th anniversary on the 20th (I can't believe we've been married that long--it's wild). We kept it low-key, as is usual for us--a good dinner out makes us as happy as clams!

And today is my last day at work! (Well, til January, anyway) Baby stuff is going fine--I'm on autopilot at 38 weeks. Hopefully this little guy will hold out til his due date and I can cram some painting in before he's born. I think it's funny that my nesting instinct includes feverishly and frantically making art, like I'm never going to paint again (like THAT'S gonna happen!).

Oooh! Almost forgot--I'm having my last Etsy shop update (for a while) this Friday (um, tomorrow) the 23rd at 2pm central time. I'll have some original watercolor aceo's and one original oil aceo. Here's a pic of the oil painting (on illustration board):

Not the best photo ever, but at least you get the idea...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yup, Still Pregnant

I'm at that point in this pregnancy where people I haven't seen in the last few months say things like: "Wow! You're STILL pregnant?"

I know, I know--when you've been looking like a beached whale for the last four months, it's hard not to snap a little. And those folks mean well, I understand that. I'm just over it. Not exactly ready to have this kiddo, but definitely tired of being pregnant. Three weeks to go!

The weather's turned cold over the last week, and this morning we actually turned the heat on. I held out as long as I could, but when the thermostat shows the inside temperature to be in the 50s, I think that's hard-core enough.

My mom got me a killer rocking chair from Ikea--it's the Lillberg. It's a great chair for curling up in--very deep. It's hard to see that in this picture.

I'm making up some pillows this week for it with these Amy Butler fabrics. I'll have to post pics when it's all done. The chair's sitting opposite our large pink painting, so I wanted fabric that would pick up the pink as well as the green walls and curtains.