Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring's the Thing

Spring has hit the midwest full-force. After the gnarly long, cold winter we've had, I didn't think we'd ever reach this point. Things are greening quickly and blooming and the sun is warm. It's like spring is in fast-forward mode. I need to finish the veggie garden (I only have potatoes planted right now) and start thinking about new projects for the yard. Our huge gorgeous yellow rose died this winter and digging it up was no fun at all. It must have been there for thirty years or more--it was like a small tree. A small tree covered in enormously cruel thorns.

I never got around to planting bulbs this fall. I was a little busy with other things. But thankfully enough of the bulbs from two years ago are still coming up.

I think in the future I'll focus more on species tulips, like this variety called Lady Jane. They'll stick around for years longer than the hybrid tulips, as much as I love those. Planting bulbs every fall gets spendy (and time-consuming).

I love our redbud tree. The homeowners before us did some ridiculous things around the house, but I love this tree they planted next to the porch.

And I can't believe we already need to cut the grass. Two weeks ago there was snow on the ground!

In other news, I start working full-time at the auction house this week. The extra money will be so helpful (things have been really tough around here the last few months and this hand-to-mouth stuff has gone on too long anyway), but I can see that painting is going to have to take a back seat for a few years. At least til Ian's in school. I'm not quitting entirely, I could never do that. NEVER. But things will slow down significantly in the old art factory.