Sunday, August 1, 2010

Texas in July

The kiddos and I made our annual trek to Texas last week. My folks were all on vacation over the Fourth (when we normally go, 'cause there's always a big party and all the family is there and stuff), so the big party got postponed a few weeks. It was a nice break from regular work and home routines, even though we were pretty busy the whole time getting things ready. It was fun: lots of people, lots of family, lots of food.

We did get to go to the beach Sunday morning, which was awesome. I could have stayed all day, except certain members of our party were super hungry, so we drove down to the River Bend so everyone could eat. Fried pickles and grilled cheese, YUM!

And then Monday it was back home to the old grind. But it's okay; we're taking our annual trip to California to visit family in two weeks!

I got a new camera, too! Finally. My old one was doing WACKY stuff. This new one has a fun fake tilt-shift effect that I put to good use over the weekend:

That's my great-grandparent's garage. I mean, it used to be. Now someone else lives there.

Our barn.

Big dramatic Gulf Coast sky.

Kittens! Mom's cat Rosie has some cute bebehs.

Lunch at the River Bend with the fam.

I have a cute bebeh too!

This is half the party crowd in my parent's backyard. The other half? Somehow I missed them.

We celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday a bit early, just because we were all there to help eat cake.

Newest member of the Abshier herd. Only two days old! Momma cow was giving me the stink-eye for sure.

And of course I've failed utterly in my daily drawing thing. I can do the drawings; I can spare time enough for that. It's the scanning and uploading and stuff that I just don't have time for. I suck. Go me!