Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Prints and The Winner!

Yay for Harriet! She was the winner this time around and is getting the $20 gift certificate to my shop!

And the winning prints are: 1,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,13,16,and 17. Hopefully I can place a print order in a timely fashion and these aceos will be making their way to my Etsy shop!

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone for posting their favorites--you guys rock!

Monday, September 20, 2010

About Stinking Time For Some New Prints

Yep, it's been too long since I had new aceo prints made up for my Etsy shop. And, as always, I'd love your help picking out some new ones! If you would be so kind, please pick out 12, YES 12 (I'm going crazy!) images that you like best.

I'll have a random drawing on September 30th and the lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate for my Etsy shop, good towards anything you can find there. So please make sure I have a way to contact you, or check back on the 30th! Voting is open until then. Thanks so much!!




















Friday, September 3, 2010

California: A Much-Needed Respite

We had our yearly jaunt to California last month to visit Ricky's family, and we had a fabulous time. My mother-in-law lives in a teeny old gold rush town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Part of her house was built in the 1850's and is solid stone, two feet thick, with iron shutters that can cover the front door and windows. The second story and back of the house were added on in the 1930's. She's spent the last ten years renovating it and has done an amazing job--it's a lovely, comfortable home. Her town is a fascinating place and I love to go on rambling walks through the hilly streets, looking at the old houses and buildings. The cemeteries are a favorite haunt (heh, heh) as well, old and full of histories long forgotten, I'm sure.

So we spent a few days relaxing at her home, then we were off for four days to Lake Tahoe! I've only just driven past it and that was in the middle of winter, which allowed for some tense driving in my old Subaru. But in the summer it's pretty incredible. Just sitting on the beach watching the water is incredible. We stayed in South Lake Tahoe in a comfy little cabin, where it was just a few miles to Camp Richardson. That's the beach we frequented, staking out a place in the coarse sand, wading out in the cold, clear water (we could hardly bear to venture out farther than our knees--even in the heat of the afternoon).

The water becomes greener the further out you go, then dramatically turns a brilliant deep blue. I imagine that's a pretty steep drop-off.
These next photos were taken at the Pope Estate, just down the beach. It was a summer residence for the wealthy Pope family, with a lovely main house and lots of small cottages scattered around for the staff. There's a sweet little water feature with a shallow pond, a waterfall, and garden.

Detail of the waterfall

One of the many small cottages

A kayak floating lazily along

This was taken at Fallen Leaf Lake, a gorgeous smaller lake just a mile or so south of Lake Tahoe. The south end of the lake has houses and cabins and a small marina and such, but the north end is more private and quiet, accessible by a nice short hike from the road.

Did I mention I love the "tilt-shift" effect on my new camera? I do, I love it. I use it too much, I'm afraid. Here's a super-cute little cottage near our cabin with awesome vintage lawn-chairs. And with the tilt-shift, it looks like a dollhouse!

One day Ricky and I went for a drive while Katy and Ron watched the kids. We drove up past Heavenly Resort, up the mountain where all the fancy, rich people's houses are. The view was pretty luxe. Stupid lucky rich people.

This was taken at the Catholic cemetery in Mokelumne Hill. It's full of interesting headstones and incredible old ironwork, all of it different. For more photos of the cemeteries (and more photos from the trip), check out my Flickr.

Katy's front porch in the morning.

This was taken as we flew in to Sacramento. I love the green and gold colors.

So you can tell we had a pretty full week, but still had lots of time to just unwind, which we sorely needed. And then we came home to get ready for school and resume our normal, hectic work-a-day lives. And something else: my hours at work got cut pretty drastically last week, which sucks, but also kind of not. I've been painting and sewing and all kinds of domestic things I've had to set aside since starting full-time work, and that's pretty nice. Of course, the substantially smaller paycheck will hurt, but maybe more painting means more sales to offset that. Of course, when business picks up at my job, I'll start working more hours again, so there's that.

So hopefully soon I can post some photos of paintings in progress and some sewing projects. I'm focusing on new skirts! I'm tired of using being broke as an excuse to not have cute skirts. CUTE SKIRTS ARE A MUST. And I have a ton of killer fabric and notions and stuff, and now I have some extra time...

And it's September, YAY! Fall is pretty much here and I am so happy about that!