Friday, November 26, 2010

And Some More New Paintings!

I'm still full from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, by the way. Hope all of y'all had a nice one. So here's three new paintings that I delivered to the Blue Gallery last week. The Blue has a fabulous display every December of works priced under $500. So here's three new pieces for that wall:

"Mouse and Key"
4 x 6 inches
oil on illustration board

"Out in the Field"
4x6 inches
oil on illustration board

"Datura Metel"
5x7 inches
oil on illustration board


And I have a few more small things I'm working on. I'm planning on having an Etsy update this Friday, December 3, at 2pm central standard time. I've got a bunch of new watercolor aceos and some drawings, and I'm working on more. Hopefully I can get more prints made up before Christmas, but money's tight. We'll just have to see!

Also, for anyone in the Kansas City area who might be interested: I'm participating in a two-day art fair tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in February. I'll have aceo prints, watercolor originals, drawings, and who knows what else. I'll probably bring my paints and do some work while I'm there, too. I'll let y'all know more as I find out more!