Friday, January 25, 2013

New Paintings in Progress

 This is a painting I started months ago and just never got far on it.  This is the second time I've attempted this idea; I had a very specific goal in mind and the first painting just never got close.  I'm feeling much better about this one.  I wanted something that would evoke the feeling and light of East Bay in Matagorda.  On certain cloudy days the light is pearly gray and the water seems more silver than the muddy greenish it normally appears to be.  The ground is marshy and flat and covered in tall marsh grass, dull greens and golds.  The air smells a bit briny, a bit muddy. 

So this painting obviously has a long way to go yet, but you can get the basic idea.  Oil on canvas, 24x36 inches.

 This one is just a quick little painting I did to cover up another painting which was causing me pain.  I like this much better.  She's probably pretty close to being completed, more of a study than a finished painting.  Oil on mat board, 10x15-ish or so.

And this one is very very rough and raw; this is actually how most of my paintings start life--no drawings or plan, just quickly sketched in paint and then I go from there.  This already has a title: "I Eat and Eat and Yet I Am Not Full".  I didn't even prep this board; that's how fast I was working.  So all that white in the piece is just the mat board underneath.  Painting on mat board is probably not the best idea, but it's archival and I have a lot of it, so...

This piece will be worked on some more, but I hope to retain that raw feeling.  So NO OVERWORKING.  Right?!

I've been doing daily sketches in my newest moleskine sketchbook and posting the results on Instagram.  If you'd like to see them, my username on Instagram is "curvilinear".  I'd love it if you took a gander at them!

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