Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh So Much Going On In My World

Let's see:  in the last few months I've sold a house and bought a house, moved to a new town, traveled through Italy, embarked on a slightly different career course, managed to do a small amount of painting, and of course did all the regular mom and wife stuff, too.  Things are finally sort of starting to settle down a bit.  We've been in our new home for almost 6 weeks and still have a lot to do, but a few rooms have been painted, some gardening was done (there was NO landscaping--total blank slate.  YES!), my studio is being set up (I've started painting, even though half the room is still in boxes.  I just couldn't wait), blah blah blah.

Yes, Italy was amazing.  Unbelievable.  I want to go back so badly I can taste it.  Traveled though Rome, Florence and Venice, with stops in Assisi, Verona and San Gimignano.  San Gimignano was amazing.  The island of Burano near Venice was amazing too.  The whole stinking trip was amazing.  And the food!!  Even the ghetto-est, dive-iest, roadside truck-stop food was good.  I had olive oil that came in a packet (like fast-food ketchup) at a truck stop that was better than any artisan olive oil I've had in the states.  And the chocolate!!  And I had some buffalo mozzarella that made me want to die, it was so perfect.  I took a ton, a veritable TON, of photos.  If you want to wade through someone else's vacation pics, you can see them here.

Also on Flickr are pics of our new house, my new studio, some new paintings, etc.  I'm working on some small monster eye paintings for the upcoming Greaserama show.  I haven't had anything in the gallery there for a couple/three years now, so it feels good to contribute again.

Career-wise, this week I'm finally getting my antiques and personal-property appraiser's certification through the Certified Appraiser's Guild of America.  I'll be working the upcoming Antiques Roadshow event here in Kansas City in August, but only as a volunteer.  That should be interesting. 

So if you need an estate evaluated or your heirlooms appraised, I'm your lady.  Seriously, this lady needs to clock in some hours.

And back to painting:  my new studio space is easily twice the size as my old one, with normal 8 foot ceilings, so I am going to town working on larger pieces.  Right now I'm just painting, not really thinking anything out beforehand, even though I have LOTS of sketched out ideas that need flesh.  I figure I'll get this three-month-no-painting crap out of my system and start some serious pieces in earnest.  It's terribly exciting to be on the edge of so much newness, and it's also a little terrifying.  I am uncomfortable with change; it makes me feel like it's hard to breathe and focus on priorities. I'm trying to acclimate, though.  Trying not to think too much or god forbid OVERTHINK too much, and just take things in stride.  Oh boy.

Me in San Gimignano.  I want to go to there again.


Anonymous said...

Such a great picture of you!
Love it and you!

Amy Abshier-Reyes said...

At least I know someone still reads my blog:) I love you too. Thanks Mom!